Maybe just Maybe…

As I watch ‘Anne with an E’ and reminisce on reading the books as a child, I’m moved to want to write something beautiful. Then I think, “No I can’t do that.” Then I hear the words my love spoke ringing in my ears encouraging me, telling me he loves my writing. Then I think [...]


Updates and Insights

Life update time! It is official. I will be living in Israel for another year - through the summer of 2019. Once again, I have committed to continue serving with Bridges for Peace! Being here is truly a blessing! So what has been happening this spring....and now summer? Hiking the Jesus Trail Whelp, one big [...]

Why Mountain Men and Housewives are Biblical

I'm friends with a young man who is growing immensely in the Lord right now, finding healing and becoming rooted in his faith. It is beautiful to behold. Yet the one thing he continues to struggle with is women. As I have counseled him and encouraged him, I have watched his attitude towards women change [...]

Come Away

Where do I even begin? Since I posted Contentment: The path to getting there last Tuesday, I have been blessed so immensely by the responses to what I shared. So many women are struggling to remain content as singles, as students, as mothers, and getting to hear their stories has been empowering. It makes the scary [...]

Contentment: The path to getting there

Power in Sharing I recently had a wonderful conversation with a close friend. Her and I were struggling with the same thing: contentment. Then the Lord shared a beautiful picture with me during my devotions the next day, and as I shared with a couple friends it became clear I needed to share it on [...]

Home is where the Heart is

If home is where the heart is then there is no question that Michigan is home, and so is Jerusalem. I am incredibly blessed to have been home in Michigan now for 8 days. During this time I have been spending time with family and friends and speaking to various groups about Bridges for Peace. [...]

Psalm 27:13 Transitional Blessings

Ahh transitions! The past couple of months have seen a couple big ones for me. From my year on the Zealous Israel Project coming to an end and time as a regular volunteer beginning, to moving into my new apartment with a new flatmate, times are changing for me here in Jerusalem. Transitions are never [...]